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Ever wondered…

• Should I sign up for Plan 2 or Plan 3?

• Should I open a Deferred Comp or 403(b) Account?

• How can I get student loan forgiveness

• Am I making the right healthcare benefits choice for my situation?

• Should I sign up for disability or life insurance through my employer?

• What should I do with my Plan 3 Account, Deferred Comp, or 403(b) at retirement?

• When should I retire?

• What happens if I separate from service before retirement?

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Located in our state’s capital, Sustain Financial has a unique interest and expertise in helping state government employees and teachers make the most of their employee benefits, including retirement planning and insurance options. Government employees face both unique opportunities and challenges when making financial choices, many of which make planning for your career and your retirement different from a private sector employee.

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Many government employees have both a defined contribution plan via Department of Retirement Systems (DRS), a Deferred Comp plan, and a state pension to consider when planning for retirement. Making the most of savings opportunities throughout one’s career, and planning for financial independence in retirement requires a comprehensive financial planning approach—one designed to ensure that you take advantage of the significant benefits offered by your government employer.

Working with a financial planner who is familiar with and passionate about maximizing the opportunities that you have through government employment early in your career, during career advancement, and as you approach retirement can provide increased confidence that you are making the best financial decision for your situation at each point in your career.

As a part time teacher and participant in the DRS program, Lorri is uniquely positioned to help you navigate your options and make strong financial decisions throughout your career.

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