Ongoing Financial Planning

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Comprehensive Financial Planning
Investment Management
Group Consultations
Event Speaking

All services are available in-person for local clients, or virtually for clients who live outside of the Olympia area.

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Situational Planning

Serious about getting your entire financial picture in order?

The Ongoing Financial Planning relationship starts with an in-depth investigation of your values, from which we build concrete goals you want to work towards. Over the course of a year, we’ll tackle each important piece of your financial picture, including income and expenses, debt, savings, investments, insurance, employee benefits, kids and college, taxes, retirement, and estate planning.  Each time we meet, I’ll break one part of your plan into manageable pieces and concrete action steps and help you hold yourself accountable to your goals along the way.

This service is available as an annual subscription (broken into quarterly payments) for clients who are ready to put their whole financial picture together in an intentional way.

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Need affordable investment management for your accounts?

Whether you have accounts to transfer or want to start investing today, Investment Management services are available as a stand-alone service, or can be utilized in conjunction with financial planning services. Sustain Financial Inc. is a full-time fiduciary for all clients, so decisions about your investments are always made in your best interest. You’ll have access to strategically built portfolios that suit your risk-tolerance, goals, and investing timeline. I focus on keeping your investment costs low so you hold on to more of your investment returns.

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Looking for group consultations or a speaker for your event?

I am available for speaking engagements, and group consultations at an hourly rate. Group consultations make a great, affordable solution for groups with a similar financial inquiry (for example, if you and your colleagues want to better understand your employee benefit options, or you are part of a group of parents who wants help learning how to best evaluate college financial aid offers).


Planning Process

Day 1

We work together to identify your most important values and use these to help you get serious about setting some financial goals.

I collect a lot of information from you.

Month 1

I’ll develop and present a broad overview of your current financial situation and financial plan (don’t worry, it’s not overwhelming… just a 2-3 page outline so you can see where we’re headed).

Months 2-12

We meet bi-monthly to work more intensively on a specific part of your financial plan.

By the end of the first year, we’ll cover all the important pieces, and I’ll help you hold yourself accountable to your goals along the way.

Months 13+

We continue to adjust your goals and strategies as life progresses and things change. Together we’ll focus on keeping you on an intentional and resilient path to financial empowerment.

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